Amin El Bacha’s uncle was himself a painter and musician. As a boy El Bacha toyed with the idea of a musical career but left that to his brother, who was better suited, and thus embarked on a lifelong passion – painting.

He likes to relate that his first ever watercolour was of the ocean – which he was not seeing, but only hearing. The result was a deep blue sea with white waves. Did he really need to see it? Is painting always subject to what is visible? It was about the same period that he picked up a wooden clog, which he promptly decorated with lively symbols and colors. That’s how his predilection for painted wood began.
Musicians - Amine ElBacha

He constantly scours noisy towns and cities, mingling with the crowd, in total immersion, spending hours at a café table, using pencil, fine pen and his ever present color box, sketching an apple, faces, capturing life wherever it bursts forth, bestowing his timeless imprimatur on the idleness of each anonymous passer by. His pads are filled with sketches of deliberately exaggerated realism and purely imaginary portraits. Yet, one wonders if he really did give up music? Take a closer look and you’ll see that his art is alive with colors and symbols which are none other than musical scores – the melody of life. His is every bit the composer, all is form and unity, freeform mythology, and the memory of things yet to come!